Tips & Tricks | PowerApps [Pay-as-you-go]

Pay-as-you-go is a new way to pay for Power Apps and Power Automate using an Azure subscription, which allows you to get started building and sharing apps without any license commitment or upfront purchasing.

Pay-as-you-go allows you to share apps and Power Automate flows with any user in your organization and then only pay if and when they're used. The pay-as-you-go plan also includes Microsoft Dataverse storage capacity and provides the flexibility to pay for additional storage as you need it.

Configure Billing Policies

  • Click +New billing policies

  • Enter Billing Policy Name
  • Click Next

  • Select: Azure subscription
  • Select: Resource group
  • Select: Region
  • Click: Next

  • Select: Envirnoment
  • Click : + Add to policy
  • Click Next

  • Review
  • Click : Create billing policy

Edit Billing Policies

If you want to add or remove environments to the billing policy

  • Select: Billing Policy
  • Click: Edit billing policy

  • Navigate through the wizard until Envirnoment step
  • To Add
    • Select: Envirnoment
    • Click: + Add to Policy
    • Complete wizard

  • Navigate through the wizard until Envirnoment step
  • To Remove
    • Select: Add to policy
    • Select: Envirnoment
    • Click: - Remove from Policy
    • Complete wizard

Considerations & Troubleshooting

    • You need to consider everything to control resource management.
    • Set alerts for your forecasted budget to be notified if you exceed the threshold budget.
    • Consider flow executions, a user that executes... because everything is affecting cost.
    • If you have flows that in the context of PowerApp you need to add/link this flow to the app and not rely on being part of the same solution and this needs to be done by Powershell commands Add-AdminFlowPowerAppContext
    • If you face any issues and you need to open a ticket with Microsoft you need to highlight that you are using PAYG as some issues will be related to the PAYG code so it will be assigned to the PAYG team.
    • I recommend excluding the development and testing environment from PAYG plan, to facilitate troubleshooting and cost control while developing.

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