Tips & Tricks | Power Automate [Executes a changeset request] CDS

Common Data Service (current environment) introduced "Executes a changeset request" is a set of requests (Create/Update/Delete) actions in which failure of one of the steps will cause the transaction to rollback for previous actions within "Executes a changeset request" scope.

Note: In order to use Common Data Service (current environment) connector you need to create a flow from inside CDS/Dynamics365 solution.
Use Case

Ex: You have a business case that required to create a set of activities:
  •  Task "Review Account Information Task"
  •  Phone Call "Follow Up" that has a realtime integration with a call center system.

Some times the call center system is down so you need to retry again
in order to create the full set of actions, otherwise, you need to try again to create the same set.

Limitations: you cannot use an output parameter from action to be used

in another action inside the changeset scope

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